Splendors Shaken to Earth, 2018
Matthew Lutz-Kinoy


Silkscreen and acrylic on canvas
240 x 630 cm

Embracing the formal and symbolic potential of different mediums and techniques, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy works in painting, printmaking, ceramics, and poetry, informed by his background in theater and choreography. Queer and collaborative practices, often mixed with performative interventions, are evoked on the canvases and treated as a field for negotiating relationship between visual and textual elements in constant flux. 

Splendors Shaken to Earth draws its title from a line from the poem “Atlantis” by postwar American writer Robert Duncan. In this large-format canvas, a curved element dominates the surface, crossed by grand brushstrokes in acrylic paint. The curvatures signal a shape-shifting world, a marker to spatialize constant flows and movement as possibilities of creation and invention. The swirling lines painted in different hues of blue on the white background alternate with washes of yellow and orange, combined with watery strokes of red and pink. In this abstract and yet atmospheric composition, Lutz-Kinoy layers the text of Duncan’s poem, screen-printed in red on the upper part of the painting and repeated eight times throughout the length of the canvas, dealt with almost as a page. 

The past and future are
full of disasters, splendors
shaken to earth, seas rising to overshadow
      shores and roaring in.

The lines echo a sense of grief and longing for a past that has been submerged, yet not forgotten, but re-emerging through the seas, a figure of time and its recursive cycles of destruction and creation. Transcribing “Atlantis” directly on the canvas, Lutz-Kinoy experiments with lyrical processes such as fragmentation and montage as techniques for diversifying language and reinventing approaches to composition and literary creation. Brought onto the canvas, the words re-signify the brushstrokes, suggesting movements of waves and vortices, constantly assembling and dissolving matter. 


Group exhibition: Abundant Futures
Venue: C3A Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía, Córdoba  
Curator: Daniela Zyman
Exhibition 1 April 2022 - 5 March 2023
Born in New York, USA, in 1984. Lives in Paris, France.